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Why Should I See An Oral Surgeon For My Wisdom Teeth Removal In Omaha, NE? Omaha, NE

Why Should I See An Oral Surgeon For My Wisdom Teeth Removal In Omaha, NE?

Wisdom Tooth Directly Impacted Into A Molar

There are many reasons why people may need an oral surgeon to get their wisdom teeth removed in Omaha, NE. People with crooked, misaligned, misshaped, or – even worse – unhealthy teeth should see an oral surgeon because they have the training and skill to remove wisdom teeth for a healthy, comfortable, and happy smile.


When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed? 

Wisdom teeth typically come in when a person is in their late teens or early twenties. When a person has impacted wisdom teeth, they could experience damaged teeth or nerves, or crowded teeth or jaw pains and infections. Fortunately, an oral surgeon can expertly treat patients with wisdom tooth removals for a healthier, more comfortable smile.

The Benefits Of Oral Surgeons Removing Wisdom Teeth In Omaha, NE

Selecting a qualified and trained oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth is very important. Factors such as experience, education, and access to modern technology are great things to consider when patients are choosing an oral surgeon to remove their wisdom teeth.

The benefits of using advanced dental technologies for wisdom tooth removals include:

Cone Beam CT Scanner (CBCT):

The CBCT scan is a digital technology that captures highly detailed images of a patient’s entire jaw and face, including tooth root locations, nerves, and their unique bone levels. These detailed images can not only be used as a guide for wisdom tooth removals.

ITero® Element Scanner:

The ITero Element Scanner is an intraoral camera that provides minimally invasive, more comfortable methods to capture images of a patient’s teeth and their connections. These images eliminate the need for messy impression materials or clay that have been historically used. Patients are able to take a glimpse into their unique smile right there in the office!

Intraoral Camera (IOC):

An Intraoral Camera is a very modern alternative to a mirror. This camera can give patients a snapshot look at their own smile; in real time! With this technology, patients are able to see a clear, vivid picture of the inside of their mouth that their doctor can use as another part of their individualized treatment plan.

These state-of-the-art dental technologies can give patients precise outcomes for their wisdom tooth removal procedures.


We Can Remove Your Wisdom Teeth In Omaha, NE

You should see our exceptional oral surgeon to get your wisdom teeth expertly removed. Get in contact with Dr. Jerome WeesDr. John WewelDr. Jason May, and Dr. Benjamin Anderson at our Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today!

With the advantage of modern technology offered by Dr. Wewel and our fantastic team, along with the experience and education of several years, you can be sure that you will receive expert care during your wisdom tooth extraction in a safe and more comfortable environment.

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