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Advanced Sedation Dentistry

Over 40 million people suffer from dental anxiety, causing them to avoid seeing the dentist or getting the dental procedures they desperately need like full arch dental implants or the removal of painful wisdom teeth. Oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures can oftentimes be extensive cases that require more than traditional dental sedation, so our oral surgeons offer advanced IV sedation dentistry and general anesthesia to help our patients get the treatments they need. Many of our patients have experienced life changing results after undergoing oral surgery procedures with IV sedation dentistry or other dental anesthesia solutions.

Dr. Anderson talks about the sedation options available for their patients and the benefits
  • Local

    A common form of dental anesthesia, local anesthetic blocks sensations of pain at a target location. Able to be combined with other forms of sedation, local anesthetic is injected right at the site of surgery.

  • Nitrous

    Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is administered at the time of surgery via a mask worn over the face. This puts patients into a dream-like, calm state where they will not experience much anxiety or fear.

  • IV sedation dentistry

    IV sedation dentistry is an advanced form of anesthesia that often puts patients to sleep during treatments. Our oral surgeons are certified in administering IV sedation dentistry in a safe manner and our staff is trained in life support as they closely monitor you during surgery. Patients frequently have no memory of the dental treatments ever being performed.

  • General anesthesia

    While under general anesthesia you will be completely unconscious during your procedure, making you unable to feel any discomfort. Our doctors and staff are specially trained in general anesthesia sedation dentistry to give you comfortable and safe care for your oral surgery procedures.

EXPAREL® Alternative Pain Management

At Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we believe in supporting our local community by battling the current opioid (narcotics) epidemic affecting our country. Oftentimes, pain management pills go unused and are then distributed out into the community, so our practice has adopted the use of EXPAREL® opioid free alternative to pain management. This medicine will work directly after surgery and affects only the surgery site, instead of the whole body like opioids. We can apply the medication just after surgery while you are still under the effects of IV sedation dentistry so you don’t have to go any time without pain management.

The benefits of EXPAREL include:

  • Long-lasting pain management
  • Targets only the treatment location, not the whole body
  • Prevents the need for excessive opioids to be used
  • Keeps our community safe from narcotic abuse

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