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We Extract Three Thousand Teeth a Year

Contrary to popular belief, tooth extractions are more common than people think, with over 74 percent of adults having had at least one tooth extracted at some point in their lives. You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons, but the ultimate goal is always to save your smile and overall oral health. Our expert oral surgeons extract over three thousand teeth every year, allowing you to rest at ease when it comes to professional and successful tooth extractions. When a problem tooth is left within the jaw too long, it can cause future concerns, pain and even impact everyday life. However, you don’t have to go without a tooth, because at Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we can place dental implants within your jaw that your general dentist can restore for a natural look and function.

Why You May Need Tooth Extractions


Tooth Decay

For teeth that are failing and need to be replaced with dental implants, we will have to perform tooth extractions on the affected problem teeth. This will make room for the dental implants to be placed.


Oral Trauma

Patients who have been in an accident or received oral trauma that has severely damaged their teeth may need to receive tooth extractions to save their oral health and free them of discomfort.


Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Those who have severe gum disease likely have suffered damage to their jaw bone and gum health, making their teeth loose and shifting. By performing a tooth extraction on these teeth, you will be able to get on the path to proper oral health.



Patients with severely crowded teeth within their jaw and in need of orthodontics, may need tooth extractions of the teeth that will get in the way of proper alignment.

Trust Oral Surgeons for Tooth Extractions

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, you should always seek out the experts in the field to ensure that no complications arise. Tooth extractions, including the extraction of wisdom teeth, are common procedures for oral surgeons and a process that our team performs on a daily basis. Our doctors regularly extract over three thousand teeth every year and have the experience and education to respond to any problems that may arise. We pride ourselves on being the experts in tooth extractions and replacement with dental implants in a friendly and caring environment.

You Deserve Gentle, Precise Tooth Extraction

At Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we perform gentle extraction with the utmost precision thanks to our use of sedation and dental technology. We will use our digital cone beam CT scanner to capture images of your jaw and teeth, to better understand the positioning of tooth roots and nerves and improve the extraction planning process. Using anesthetic, we will numb the location of extraction so that you will only feel a slight pressure during treatment. After the tooth has been removed, we perform socket preservation bone grafting to preserve your jaw bone and prepare you for dental implants, or can even immediately place an implant within your bone right after tooth extraction.

Extract problem teeth to prepare for lifelike dental implants!

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