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Dental Implant Cost - Omaha, NE

Dental Implant Cost Made Affordable

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Each Dental Implant Case is Unique

Dental implants are often considered an investment in your oral and overall health, so choosing the implant experts gives you the best long-term and successful results for your money. Our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons have years of experience in placing dental implants within the jaw, even for challenging or “hopeless” cases. However, there is no set price when determining dental implant cost, as each case is as unique as the patient. We customize your treatment plan to fit your specific needs, which means that no two implants are ever exactly the same and the dental implant cost varies on a case by case basis.

Dr. Wewel discusses some of the factors that determines the cost of dental implants

Factors That Determine Dental Implant Cost


Number of Teeth Replaced

Dental implant cost will change depending on how many teeth you need to replace with dental implants. The dental implant cost of replacing one tooth varies drastically from replacing a full arch of missing teeth.


Bone Grafting

Many patients who have experienced tooth loss also suffer from jaw bone
deterioration. Bone grafting  is used to restore adequate volume to the jaw for successful implant placement.


Tooth Extractions

Those with failing teeth may need to have their teeth extracted to be replaced with dental implants. Depending on how many teeth need to be removed, this can alter the overall cost of dental implants.


Severity of the Case

The dental implant cost will change depending on the location and severity of your dental implant case. Dental implants that require a sinus lift or are in an aesthetic area of the mouth may have a different cost than another tooth.

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We Offer Dental Implant Warranties

Dental Implant Warranties

Affordable Dental Implants

While dental implants can seem costly upfront, they offer unparalleled benefits to your smile and health. Other options like dental bridges or dentures may look attractive but are not long-term solutions and often have to be replaced as the jaw begins to change due to lack of bone stimulation.  In order to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles, we strive to make our dental implant cost an affordable option for many patients. Our costs are competitive and we accept most major medical and dental insurance plans as well as third-party financing like CareCredit to give you an affordable payment plan.

Marissa - dental implants patient

Benefits of Investing in Dental Implants

  • Lifetime tooth replacement with proper care
  • Natural look, feel and function
  • Improved speech and self-esteem
  • Eat the foods you love

Invest in your oral health today for a lifetime of happy smiles!

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