Bone Grafting - Omaha, NE - Before Dental Implants

Bone Grafting - Omaha, NE

Restore Jaw Bone Health with Bone Grafting Treatments

Dr. Anderson talks about why you may need a bone graft before you get a dental implant

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Why You Need Bone Grafting

Having adequate bone volume within your jaw is important for many health and aesthetic reasons. When bone loss has occurred, your jaw will thin, causing a changing facial appearance, loose teeth, tooth loss, and even prevent dental implants from being placed. Jaw bone loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including missing teeth, facial trauma , or gum disease. In order to treat jaw bone loss we offer effective bone grafting treatment to rebuild your jaw and help save your oral health. At Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants we can perform bone grafting treatment on even the most difficult of cases so that patients can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

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Bone Grafting Treatments


Socket/Ridge Preservation

After a tooth has been extracted, we can immediately preserve the jaw bone by packing the socket with bone grafting material. This ensures the jaw stays healthy and qualifies you for dental implants in the future.


Onlay Bone Graft

When bone loss has affected your jaw, certain areas will have less volume than others. With onlay bone grafting treatment, we can take bone material from your own body and add it to areas of the jaw that are lacking to bring the bone to proper volume.


Sinus Lift

An advanced bone grafting treatment, a sinus lift is used to add bone material to the area above the upper molars. A sinus lift is best performed by oral surgeon experts because of the difficultly and sensitivity of lifting the sinus cavity to place bone grafting material.


Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMP)

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) is used during bone grafting procedures to regenerate new bone growth in the jaw bone. BMP helps accelerate healing of the bone for the future placement of dental implants.


Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF)

Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) are found the patient’s own blood and are used during surgery. PRGF is added to the treatment site to accelerate healing and regenerate tissue and bone.

Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques

Our full scope oral and maxillofacial practice features some of the latest techniques and technology when performing bone grafting care. For many cases of bone grafting, we use guided tissue regeneration, which protects the bone material and holds it in place during the healing process. Additionally, we offer bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) which act similar to stem cells by taking your own DNA and adding it to areas of bone loss. Over time, your bone in this area will regrow to proper healthy levels.

Trust Our Experienced Oral Surgeons

Our oral surgeons are experienced at performing bone grafting treatments and do so on a daily basis. Often after tooth extraction, you will need a bone graft to return your jaw to acceptable levels. Our team is trained in advanced dental anesthesia to give you a virtually painless and anxiety free experience any time you come into our practice.

Choose the specialists in bone grafting and dental implants to enhance your quality of life today!

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