What Is Osseointegration?

an image of a dental implant post going through osseointegration, with the abutment and dental crown hovering over the dental implant

Dealing with missing or damaged teeth can certainly impact a person’s daily life quality, self-esteem, and overall look. For those who face this reality, they may be wondering what options are available to remedy this issue and help them achieve their best smile ever.

Dental implants are a great option for getting a new smile. However, a dental professional will first need to assess the patients mouth to determine the overall health of their gums, teeth, and jawbone tissue. If patients are deficient in jawbone tissue, which is necessary for successful dental implant placement, then they may be a candidate for osseointegration in Omaha, NE!


What Is The Dental Implant Treatment In Omaha, NE ?

Dental implants are a fantastic option for patients to restore their smile. Dental implants can be placed by a skilled doctor, usually with the usage of advanced technology, to provide patients with a customized, functional, and natural looking smile!

Dental implants have titanium posts that act like patients’ natural tooth roots. Dental implants stimulate the patient’s jawbone, making their smile strong and healthy. After the dental implants are placed, they fuse with your bone tissue to ensure a solid foundation is created.

Dental implants are long lasting, permanent, and function just like natural teeth while restoring 99% of a patient’s biting power. They are by far a superior choice for dental restoration and provide a better, more functional, and convenient alternative to dentures – which can be ill-fitting and quite messy at times.

What Does Osseointegration Do After Dental Implants Are Placed In Omaha, NE?

When patients get their missing teeth replaced with dental implants, the process of osseointegration is extremely important. Very few understand how this process works and how essential it is in creating a natural, healthy, strong smile.

If patients want to be happy with their smile again and they have chosen dental implants as their preferred treatment option, they should understand exactly how osseointegration works in Omaha, NE.

The word osseointegration is used to describe the integration and healing process that happens when dental implants, a biologically compatible material, is surgically placed into a human bone. To be secure and provide a stable foundation for a patient’s teeth replacement treatment, dental implants must be firmly held in place by the jawbone. This process starts when the dental implant is placed and is completed before the dental prosthesis is inserted.

The tooth’s root is in the jawbone. Not only does the tooth root hold teeth in place for tasks like chewing, it also stimulates the jawbone to regrow. When the root is gone, the teeth will shift and the jawbone can disintegrate, leading to serious bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants are designed to prevent that.

The first step in the implant process is the placing of a titanium post in the patient’s jawbone. Over the next few months, the patient’s bone will integrate with the dental implant post and they will heal together. This process allows the dental implant to function exactly as the tooth’s root normally would and stimulates the bone to grow. It also provides an extremely stable place for the dental prosthetic to be attached.

Why Should An Oral Surgeon Place My Dental Implants?

While it’s clear dental implants are a top-notch choice when patients are considering options for treating missing teeth, it’s of equal importance to visit an experienced oral surgeon when receiving this level of dental care.

An experienced oral surgeon can effectively and safely place a patient’s dental implants in a way that is specified for every patient after assessing and creating an individualized treatment plan. With precision and accuracy, a knowledgeable oral surgeon can ensure patients receive the best results with their dental implants and make sure their investment is well kept!

We Can Place Your Dental Implants In Omaha, NE

Dental implants are a good treatment option, not only because they can look like a patient’s natural teeth, but also because they preserve and protect the patient’s jawbone. To learn more about how osseointegration is a key part of the implant puzzle, you should come to our advanced office.

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