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Dr. Wees discusses why do wisdom teeth need to be extracted

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Save Oral Health with Wisdom Teeth Extractions

For the majority of people, wisdom teeth begin developing sometime during the late teenage and early adolescent years. Often called third molars as they grow in at the back of the jaw, many people do not have the space in their jaw to support these extra teeth. This can cause complications like tooth crowding, impaction, and severe oral pain. At Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we offer effective wisdom teeth extractions to remove these extra teeth and save your oral health. We are a team of oral surgeons, who have the education, training, and experience necessary to provide you or your children with successful, gentle, and expert wisdom teeth extractions no matter how difficult the case.

Problems wisdom teeth can cause include:

  • Tooth impaction
  • Crowded teeth
  • Damaged teeth or nerves
  • Jaw pain or infection

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon Team?

Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is a specialty practice that consists of a team of oral surgeons who have undergone a four-year medical residency program, exposing them to the most complicated dental and surgical cases. Our team of surgeons extract over three-thousand teeth every year and have the experience necessary to safely and gently remove any problem wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions can be difficult because of the complications that can arise, which is why many general dentists refer wisdom teeth extractions to our practice. Not only are we the experts on surgical extractions of teeth, but we have advanced IV sedation and general anesthesia options available to our patients. This dental sedation makes your wisdom teeth extractions an anxiety-free and virtually painless experience.

Wayne feels comfortable after impacted wisdom tooth is removed

Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Due to the fact that wisdom teeth do not typically have the adequate space to grow in properly, they are often impacted, which means they do not fully erupt out of the jaw. Extracting these teeth is more difficult because of their position in the jaw, being buried within the jaw bone, and the need to avoid surrounding nerves. Our oral surgeons will take a digital cone beam CT scan of the patient’s jaw to capture detailed information on the position of the wisdom teeth and surrounding oral structures. Patients are often sedated so that they do not remember the procedure or feel pain as our team effectively removes these problem teeth. After the wisdom teeth extractions are complete, patients typically need a few days to weeks to fully heal and return to normal, healthy function.

The Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Difference

  • Dedicated team of experienced oral surgeons
  • Gentle extraction with advanced sedation options
  • Over three thousand extractions performed every year
  • Medical doctors with local hospital privileges
  • Friendly staff certified in CPR and Basic Life Support

The Proof is in Our Patients

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