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Complications of Dental Implants - Omaha, NE

Dr. Wees talks about the reasons why a dental implant could fail

Dr. Wees talks about why could a dental implant fail

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While dental implants are considered the best solution to replace missing teeth, they can also bring several complications if not performed properly. When dealing with surgeries in the face and mouth, it is important to seek the experts to ensure successful treatment with minimal dental implant complications. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the advanced medical training to handle oral complications should they arise during and after surgery, as well as successfully place dental implants in difficult locations. Our team of oral surgeons are trained medical doctors, having additional years of education in a hospital-based environment, which has exposed them to some of the most difficult cases of dental emergencies. We place just over 1,000 dental implants every year and with over 33 years of combined experience, are able to prevent, treat and respond to any of the dental implant complications that may arise.

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  • Injury to Surrounding Structures

    To create a seamless smile, we need to place dental implants in precise locations within the jaw bone. We prevent injury to your surrounding teeth, bone and nerves by utilizing guided implant surgery. An implant guide will be created that specifically directs our doctors into the precise location and depth for surgery to remove guesswork and minimize damage to the jaw.

  • Nerve

    Nerve damage is a serious concern when placing dental implants and our experienced oral surgeons have the experience and technology to prevent this dental implant complication. We utilize cone beam CT scans to capture highly detailed images of your jaw and location of nerves to plan our implant placements. This allows our doctors to avoid nerves when placing dental implants.

  • Sinus

    When patients are missing teeth in the upper molar area, they often have complications with the sinus cavity, which resides just above this location. As jaw bone deteriorates, the sinus cavity increases, making it impossible to place dental implants without a bone graft. Our oral surgeons can perform effective and safe sinus lift surgery to raise the sinus membrane and add bone material to allow for dental implant placement.

  • Aesthetic Smile Zone Concerns

    When placing dental implants in the smile zone, the area that shows when you smile, extra care needs to be taken to ensure the implants are straight and not visible over or through the gum tissue. Thanks to our oral surgeon’s advanced implant experience and plethora of technology, we are able to place implants in the precise location to give you the perfect look.

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Many local dentists refer dental implant procedures to our practice because they trust in our skills, expertise and experience in oral surgery. You deserve to be in safe hands and should always expect the most precise implant placement. When you choose Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, you can expect a successful surgery without fear of dental implant complications. With proper at-home care of your dental implants, you can expect them to last you the rest of your life.

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