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To Be Able To Get Dental Implants, Do I Need A Bone Grafting Procedure? Omaha, NE

To Be Able To Get Dental Implants, Do I Need A Bone Grafting Procedure?

In order for people to be able to get successfully treated with dental implants, they need a sufficient amount of jawbone density to be able to do so. That is why a bone grafting procedure may be needed before the placement of dental implants in Omaha, NE. Through a bone grafting procedure, the health and density of the patient’s jawbone is restored so that their dental implants have a secure foundation to be stabilized on.


Why Is A Bone Grafting Procedure Necessary To Have Before Dental Implants Are Placed?

No matter the reason for jawbone loss, whether it be because of tooth loss, oral trauma, or gum disease, it can hinder people from enjoying their daily life. When people have damaged or missing teeth, it can lead to them having a thinning and weekend jawbone that puts their remaining teeth at risk of shifting and falling out.

Specifically, jawbone loss can decrease dental functionality, cause jawbone resorption, and it can make it hard for people to speak, eat, and drink properly. That is why it is important for people with jawbone loss to go to an oral surgeon so that they can restore their jawbone with a bone grafting procedure.

Bone grafting is a revolutionary procedure that helps to rebuild healthy jawbone, ensuring a more stable jawbone and improved oral health for long lasting and functional dental implants. An expert oral surgeon can give patients an accurate and reliable bone grafting procedure through the use of the latest techniques and advanced technologies.

The specific types of bone grafting procedures patients can get treated with include socket/ridge preservation, onlay bone grafts, and sinus lifts. After the patient has had their bone grafting procedure, guided tissue regeneration can be used to protect the patients bone material and hold it in place during their healing process.

Additionally, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) can be used to accelerate a patient’s healing time and regenerate their tissue and bone. This is done by taking the patient’s own DNA and adding it to areas of their jaw where they have bone loss.

Basically, when patients get treated with a bone grafting procedure in areas of their jaw where they have bone loss, it can give them enough jawbone density to permanently support their dental implants in Omaha, NE. This is because dental implants are made to function like natural tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone so they remain heathy, dense, and strong.


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