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Is It Sometimes Necessary To Get Tooth Extractions In Omaha, NE, Before Getting Treated With Dental Implants? Omaha, NE

Is It Sometimes Necessary To Get Tooth Extractions In Omaha, NE, Before Getting Treated With Dental Implants?

a dental patient feeling tooth pain and is in need of a tooth extraction.

When teeth become unsalvageable, they should be extracted by an experienced oral surgeon. After having their teeth extracted in Omaha, NE, patients should replace them with dental implants. Having tooth extractions before getting dental implants placed is necessary for a variety of reasons.

Continue reading to learn why tooth extractions are necessary before dental implants are placed. With tooth extractions and dental implants, patients’ smiles can be restored for years to come.


When Is It Necessary To Have Tooth Extractions Before Dental Implants Are Placed?

When people have decayed teeth (due to poor oral hygiene or the presence of toxic bacteria), oral trauma (due to an accident or injury), gum disease, or orthodontic issues (such as crowded or misshaped teeth), a skilled oral surgeon will need to address these issues through tooth extraction in Omaha, NE. While tooth extractions are performed as a last result, they can be necessary to save the health and function of the patient’s smile.

Removing failing or decayed teeth can also ensure harmful bacteria associated with them is not allowed to travel to other parts of the body. This can end up causing systemic conditions, such as heart diseases or strokes. This is why it is so important for oral surgeons to extract problematic teeth. Following the tooth extraction, dental implants should be placed so the patient’s jawbone remains healthy and strong, and their smile aesthetically pleasing smile.


What Does The Procedure Process Looks Like For A Tooth Extraction In Omaha, NE?

Before the patients tooth extraction begins, the digital cone beam CT scanner is used to capture images of the patients jaw and teeth so the quality oral surgeon can precisely extract their necessary teeth. After the patient is administered sedation dentistry, so that they have a painless and anxiety-free tooth extraction procedure, the oral surgeon uses the digital images from the CT scanner to accurately extract the patient’s problematic teeth.

After the wisdom teeth have been precisely removed, a socket prevention bone grafting procedure is performed so the patient’s jawbone is preserved and strong enough to support the restorative dental implants.


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