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After Getting A Full Arch Of Teeth Extracted, Should I Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants?

When people have a full arch of severely decayed or infected teeth, then they will want to go get those teeth extracted. After the damaged or infected teeth have been extracted, they will need to be replaced with full mouth dental implants. People will want to replace their extracted teeth with full mouth dental implants in Omaha, NE because they give them a full arch of natural looking and fully functional teeth.

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What Happens If I Don’t Have A Bone Grafting Procedure Before My Dental Implants Are Placed?

When people have had one or more missing teeth for a long period of time, then they may need a bone grafting procedure before they can get treated with dental implants in Omaha, NE. A bone grafting procedure restores the patients jawbone density so it can support their new smile. Those who do not get a bone grafting procedure before their dental implants are placed are at risk of experiencing many problems.

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Need To Get Treated With Bone Grafting In Omaha, NE? These Are The Treatments You Can Get!

When people have one or more missing teeth, they will want to replace those teeth with gold standard dental implants. For those who have had missing teeth for a long period of time, however, they may experience jawbone density and volume loss in the areas where they have missing teeth. Those with jawbone density loss will need to get treated with bone grafting in Omaha, NE, so their dental implants have a strong and sturdy foundation to be placed on.

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