After Tooth Extraction

Midwest Oral Surgery & Dental Implants – Omaha NE


Day of Surgery (Day 0)


Our patients- adult or child- should not be left alone today. A parent, guardian, care taker, or responsible and fully capable adult (able to provide full assistance and transportation needs) must be present at all times to provide any necessary postoperative assistance.


Stay home and rest. Follow our postoperative instructions. Do not work or engage in sports or other strenuous activites. As you will be under the effects of sedation, do not operate any vehicle, machinery, stove, microwave, or run hot water to reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Rest in a recliner chair or rest with your head and shoulders elevated above the level of you heart.


Don’t touch or play with the surgical site(s) or sutures.

Don’t allow your tongue to “investigate”. This will cause injury or loosen the sutures.


To prevent a fall today, someone must accompany you to the bathroom.


Follow the recommended dose carefully. Do not wake up to take the antibiotics. They are meant to be taken during waking hours. Most antibiotics we prescribe should be taken after eating to reduce the chance of nausea. If your prescription antiobiotics needs to be taken on an empty stomach, it will say so on the prescription bottle.

Antibiotics can cause stomach or abdominal pain or loose stools because they affect bacteria in the intestines. Taking a probiotic (found over-the-counter in the vitamin section of most stores) one hour before or two hours after taking antiobiotics will replenish your intestine with good bacteria and lessen abdominal pain or loose stools. taking probiotics is a recommendation but not a requirement.

Important: Antibiotics may render the birth control ineffective during the menstrual cycle in which they are taken.